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Flushing Systems Brondell Swashes Bio Bidet Toilet Seats  

Brondell Swash Line

Simple Flush is the easiest way to save water. Simple Flush installs in minutes on your existing toilet and provides dual-flush functionality at the push of a button.

-Dual (full/half) flush advanced technology.
-Simple and elegant push button control.
-One-time “set & forget” full/half flush volume setting.
-Hydro-powered lifter for precise flapper control
20,000 flushes per set of 4-AAA batteries (not included)
-One year limited warranty

TOILET FIT ~ fits nearly all flapper-type toilets.
-Fits most tank toilet fixtures (one and two-piece fixtures)
-Fits majority of pilot-style and ball-cock fill-valve systems.
-Fits ALL flapper sizes: 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 3.5” flappers.
-For some ball-cock toilets, it may be necessary to upgrade to a pilot fill valve for Simple Flush to fit.
-Simple Flush is not compatible with pressure assisted, tower-style or flapperless flush valve systems.
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Eago Toiltes

Eago One Piece Toilets Future:  
Siphonic Flush System. New tower based mechanism. There is no chain to snap, and no flapper to partially close leaving your toilet running. Fully Glazed inside & out. The trap ways of EAGO toilets are perfectly glazed just as they are on the outer surface. Keeping your toilet flushing like new for years. Living the Green Life. This environmentally friendly toilet will save a family of four an average of 10,000 gallons of water per year! Dual Flush. So simple yet so genius. One button for solid waste (1.6 gpf) and one button for liquid waste (0.8 gpf). If only saving fuel was this simple... Sleek solid European design. Not only does it look so much better than your old toilet, it also works a whole lot better. Soft Closing Toilet Seat & Lid Included. Never be startled again by the loud crash of a slamming toilet seat. The soft drop seat has an innovative hinge system that will gently guide the toilet seat down with out a sound. Browse All Eago Toilets >>

Bio Bidet Toilet Seats

Bio Bidet's products are designed to be installed onto the existing toilet using a few tools. When the user is ready to finish up in the bathroom, a simple turn of the knob will initiate a stream of water. The stream can be controlled, and is aimed to cleanse the genito-anal region of the user while still remaining seated on the toilet. This is far thorough cleaning, making it more hygienic. It is also far superior over the conventional bidets because it does not require the additional space to install, but best of all, it allows the user to remain seated instead of having to move over to sit on the bidet after finishing on the toilet. It is intuitive that because of the anatomy of the area, using a dry toilet paper to clean is inevitably going to leave residues, leaving the area prone for bacterial growth and infections. Get Bio Bidet Better Price >>


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